Surprise of the Day: Discounts for Trivia Crack 2 Game and Papumba App - Early Learning

Surprise of the Day: Discounts for Trivia Crack 2 Game and Papumba App – Early Learning

Continuing with the gifts that Apple is offering on the App Store this Christmas / New Year for iPhones / iPad users, who now open the app store (tab "Today") will come across two highlights called “Surprise of the day”: the game Trivia Crack 2 and the app Papumba.

Surprise of the day on the App Store

In fact, Apple is not giving the game nor the app itself after all, they are free. Offers involve in-app purchases / subscriptions. Check it out below:

Trivia Crack 2 app icon

How much do you know about subjects like entertainment, science, art, history, geography and sports?

In Trivia Crack 2 (one of the most popular trivia games on the App Store), you'll be able to test your general knowledge by competing with friends and relatives or facing quiz game enthusiasts from around the world.

Trivia Crack 2 is perfect for New Year's Eve parties and is offering players 70% off the Adept, Maestro and Experto (has for everyone) packages today only.

Now, let's let you focus on your trivia training.

Papumba app icon - Early Learning

Created for children ages two to six, the app has over 500 educational activities, from memory and matching games that stimulate problem solving skills to musical exercises that promote creativity.

For little ones to have fun (and learn) even more, Papumba has an offer for new users only today: three months of access to the app for a third of the normal price.

Start traveling through this colorful learning and diverse world with your children today.

This is the third day of gifts that Apple gives users the offers go through the day. December 29th. Just sign in to the App Store and see the surprise (s) of the day! 😊