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[Surpresa] Android 4.2 comes with an extra tablet keyboard

The new Android 4.2 keyboard has replaced my Nexus 7 and Razr HD Swiftkey because the sliding keyboard function is really excellent. But you won't have to worry about getting an alternate keyboard for your tablet: On Android 4.2, hidden in the settings, you can find a PC keyboard that makes typing on tablets easier.

The special tablet keyboard has more keys than conventional Android keyboards. You can access numbers and special characters quickly without having to press the shift key or other keys. On a smartphone, the keyboard area is a bit tight, unless you have a 5-inch screen like the Galaxy Note, for example. With this keyboard, the Nexus 7 proves to be perfect for writing, even in an upright position.

Comparison: PC keyboard (top) vs. standard keyboard (bottom)

To enable this option, you must go to Settings> Language & Keyboard> Keyboards> Android Keyboard> Advanced Settings> Select Input Method.

1. First click Add Style on the button in the upper right corner, select Portugus and then choose the "PC Keyboard" option .2. You must then activate the keyboard. It will then be automatically directed to the appropriate menu. We also have to select Portuguese under "System Language" .4. You can then select the keyboard by sliding the input mode on the spacebar as usual.

What do you think about this PC keyboard? We honestly found it to be perfect on Nexus 7!

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