Surface Neo fails 2020? Microsoft will have decided to postpone launch

Surface Neo fails 2020? Microsoft will have decided to postpone launch

The launch of Surface Neo is not expected to happen later this year, as originally planned. Microsoft has chosen to postpone the launch, most likely in light of the various consequences of what is happening around the world with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision was communicated to some members of the development team of the double screen laptop this Tuesday, according to the one advanced by ZDNet, which cites "contacts at Microsoft".

The same publication also mentions that the technological giant has a new proposal in relation to the Windows 10X operating system, which instead of being only integrated in the devices of two screens or flexible screen, should now also cover devices with single screen. In any case, this should also only happen from next year.

As for the Surface Duo, the smartphone proposal for the Surface line, with a dual screen, which was presented in October 2019, at the same time as the Neo model, the initial launch plans that pointed to the summer should be maintained.

Plans to hit the market share, Microsoft has been encouraging companies and developers to produce content for their dual screen devices, such as the case of Surface Neo and Surface Duo. First, with the aim of ensuring that websites and applications work on this new concept of screens, then to explore new practical applications for them.

One of the most recent rumors regarding the features integrated in these new devices, and more specifically in the Surface Duo, realizes the possibility of peeking through the notifications without fully opening the equipment.