Supposedly the iPad 3 Home button appears, indicating that tablet production is on its way (or has already started)

Supposedly, this is not the first iPad 3 component we know of, we have already seen a dock connector and a microphone that would be destined for the third generation of the Apple tablet.

Now, what is the button would be circulating on the web Home of the gagdet.

IPad 3 home button

Nothing very significant and important can be concluded from this photo, but it serves to show us that most likely that little piece (hated by some users) should continue on the iPad 3, the time has not yet come for a iGadget with Home capacitive.

In addition, the rear structure of the button has been modified, being slightly smaller than that of the component in the iPad 2.

What does this mean? Only Ma knows maybe she is trying to find more space inside the iPad 3, after all, rumors say that the new tablet will be 1mm thicker to accommodate a Retina display.

Some also claim that the arrival of the button would indicate that the manufacture of the tablet is very close, or even would have already started.

The argument that, as it appeared in large quantities, it only makes sense if it is even to start producing.

(via 9to5Mac)