Mac Pro (2013)

Supposedly found reference to a new Mac Pro in OS X El Capitan codes

Digging through internal codes of the latest version of OS X El Capitan, the Pike’s Universum discovered references to a possible new model of Mac Pro identified as AAPLJ951.1 (the current one is AAPLJ901.1).

Mac Pro (2013)

Given the similarity of the codes, it is quite possible that we are now talking about a MacPro7,1 – an evolution of MacPro6,1 released in late 2013. There is no concrete rumor yet about it, but it is quite possible that this is a general update of internal components (including new generation Intel Xeon chips Broadwell) without external visual changes.

A curious part of the codes found is that they indicate the presence of ten (!) USB 3.0 ports, while the current model has only four. But honestly, I very much doubt that we see this happening in practice.

There’s still time for this new Mac Pro to come out this year – or, who knows, in the beginning of 2016…

[via MacRumors]