Supposed photos of the new braided cable from USB-C to Lightning

Last week, we commented on the possibility that “IPhones 12” come with a USB-C to Lightning cable in a new, fully twisted format. Now, new images of this supposed new cable have emerged online, giving even more evidence of the existence of this accessory.

The images were shared by the leaker @ L0vetodream, one of the first to “confirm” the move to the braided cable. The provenance of the photos is not clear; moreover, it is also unclear whether all models of the “iPhone 12” may include the new cable.

As you can see in the images, there is a white cable and a black cable; the latter, however, already comes with the new Mac Pro, released last year. According to leaker, Apple will also begin shipping this cable with the iMac Pro, probably in order to make it the default model.

Braided cables have the potential to be more durable than rubber-coated cables, but like the Mac Pro, they usually come with extra reinforcement at the ends, which is not seen in the images of the new white cable.

The latest rumors indicate that Apple will no longer include the power adapter and headphones in the boxes of the next iPhones. Just like the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS), it is possible that “iPhones 12” will come with only the Lightning cable.

“IPhone 12 Pro” battery

Also last week, we fanned the possibility that the “iPhones 12” have a battery with smaller capacities than the current ones, which certainly bothered several people.

Recently, new (alleged) Apple battery certificates, seen by the MySmartPrice, show that, in fact, one of the variations of the two possible 6.1-inch iPhones may have a battery 2,815mAh (model A2479), compared to the 2,775mAh previously suggested.


As there is no confirmation from other sources, this remains pure speculation. Still, that figure represents a reduction compared to the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 (which is also 6.1 inches), which has 3,110mAh.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors