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Supposed new iOS 9 app (Home) will control all devices connected to your home

A few days ago we talked about the HomeKit, Apple's home automation solution that was introduced last year and has yet to hit the market. Apple has already confirmed that the first products compatible with it will hit the market in June, but the 9to5Mac now spoke a little more about the company's plans.

According to them, Apple plans to launch a new app (probably native to iOS 9) called "Home" (House), which will serve to centrally control all of these accessories connected to your home (such as smart lock, thermostat, garage doors, Wi-Fi, etc.). Through the app, users will be able to discover and configure such devices, create a virtual representation of the rooms in the house to organize / connect these accessories easily, use Apple TV as the hub connecting all these smart home appliances, in addition to offering help for users to discover new accessories and applications compatible with HomeKit.

The annoying part is that apparently everything is still under development and may not even be presented at WWDC because of that. More: this app can be something only internal, so that Apple makes the necessary tests with the devices compatible with HomeKit, leaving the control of all this to Siri itself and third-party applications a new category that, without a doubt, would move quite a lot. App Store.

In particular, I think the idea of ​​this app being installed natively on iOS 9 makes a lot of sense. Think of the Sade app (Health): he is for HealthKit as well as "Home" for HomeKit. If Apple's idea is to centralize and make it easier to control these connected home devices, it makes no sense to "spread" that across multiple third-party apps in your store. Like Sade, the idea is to concentrate all the information in one place with the only difference that, in this case, the interaction is even greater due to the actions / commands for the devices.

The rumors for this WWDC are very excited that it will come on the 8th of June!