Supposed model of “iPhone 13” (yes) shows design without cutout and with USB-C

At the beginning of the week, the Macotakara published alleged models of the “iPhones 12” revealing little news – among them, a new positioning for the SIM card tray. Now, the website has skipped the timeline: yes, what you see below is a supposed model of “IPhone 13”.

To begin with, whenever we talk about models (or dummies, for the connoisseurs), it is good to treat the matter with caution: the website itself makes it clear that the unit was obtained from Alibaba, the famous Chinese trade website – that is, we may be dealing with a “legitimate” model, used by some company in the Apple production chain … or not.

Supposed (dummy) model of the

Anyway, considering the reputation of the Macotakara and the fact that the dummy follows fan rumors about the future of iPhones, it’s worth taking a look at it. And the model brings two elements much requested by Apple smartphone users – starting with a door USB-C, which would replace the Lightning entry.

The rumors about the replacement, however, encounter some obstacles – starting, of course, with the huge ecosystem of Lightning-based accessories formed by manufacturers in recent years. In addition, the buzz about an iPhone without any physical ports is already too strong to be ignored; if Apple is actually planning something like that, it would make no sense to transition to USB-C for just a year or two and then completely eliminate the port.