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Supposed iPhone 5S prototype indicates few changes for the future model

O MacRumors claimed to have received some images of what would be a prototype of the next generation of the iPhone. And if they are really hot, the big changes will stay even for iOS 7, since the hardware of the device "leaked" does not indicate many news.

Supposed iPhone 5S prototype

The logic board that brings some changes hits a leak recently; Unlike the iPhone 5, the chip does not have a number (A6, A6X, A7), which does not mean anything, since we are talking about a supposed prototype. However, we see code 1243, indicating that the processor was manufactured in the 43rd week (October) of 2012; the battery is a bit stiffer than the one found on the iPhone 5 (5.92Whr versus 5.45Whr), however, it has not yet been certified by regulatory agencies.

Supposed iPhone 5S prototype

As some rumors have said, on the back of the device we see a slightly modified flash instead of a round one, more "stretched", possibly accommodating a double (LED) flash.

At the On Air whenever we talk about iPhones and iPads I hit the key that, in hardware, we don't have much else to run to. Of course, there will always be room for unexpected innovation, but the truth is that these devices have reached such an incredible level of construction that it is difficult to surprise, especially every year, as many consumers expect. But what I always say: do not expect major changes in the body, in the hardware of the iPhone. Of course, something different might come, like the so-called fingerprint sensor, but still, don't expect a lot of news in this regard.

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has been doing the same thing: refining and improving the project, step by step. Looking at the iPhone 5 today, we see a phone that is much, much more incredible and complete than the original model. But if we compare the iPhone 5 with the 4S, the 4S with the 4, the 4 with the 3GS and so on, the difference is not that big, with one exception or another.

If it were, iPhone 4S owners would probably not be able to run iOS 7, since the jump between one generation and another would be huge and the software, of course, would accompany this change, being optimized for the new device and “forgetting” the old ones. Just as many are disappointed not to see a revolution every year, I'm sure they would be seeing a new generation coming in much, much higher than the old, forcing Apple to simply put the previous model to the side.

My point here: there is no reason to create expectations around the hardware of future iPhones and iPads. And that’s not just for Apple; if we analyze the recent history of launches from Samsung, HTC or any other manufacturer, we see that none of them brought a big news that changed the smartphone market after the arrival of the iPhone, what consumers expect at all Apple events. What they do is exactly what Ma does: improve and refine their devices every year. The difference is that Apple does this very well, in products that are already excellent, the best in their category.

Significant changes happen and will happen sometime in the future, I have no doubt about it. We just have to be clear that these things * are * not * the rule, but the exception. Don't expect a revolution at all Apple events.