Supposed "dummy" unit of "iPhone 8" is compared to iPhone 7 Plus; already has manufacturer launching cases for the device!

There we go for another round of photos and videos of the supposed “IPhone 8”/IPhone X that by this time of the championship we can already state with 90% (or more) for sure that this will be what we will really see when the next Ma handset is launched.

In the same style as the prototype published by Benjamin Geskin in April, these photos and video were made available by Shai Mizrachi and show the unity. Dummy next to an iPhone 7 Plus.


In addition to these photos, Mizrachi also sent to 9to5Mac A video of the device:

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As I said, the evidence is already so strong this time of year that companies are betting their chips (and reputation) to try to get ahead in front of Apple itself. That is, Ma has not even announced its new device officially and already has company creating its products for the next generation of iPhone.

Yesterday, through his Twitter account, Geskin showed tempered glass films for the "iPhone 8", which appeared on the Chinese social network. Weibo:

Render lined with tempered glass.

In the website MobileFun, this film appears under the name "Olinco iPhone 8" and is valued at $ 32 (~ $ 105). Its description shows that it protects the 3D Touch-compatible “end-to-end” handset and has rounded edges.

As if that were not enough, today appeared some cases ready to receive the new vertical camera scheme of the supposed next iPhone. Also from the manufacturer Olixar and with a specialized page for "iPhone 8" cases, these cases are costing US $ 22 (~ R $ 73) and are already in pre-sale phase.

According to the description, Olixar believes it will come out ahead of all other iPhone case makers "due in September."

I do not doubt that there will be people buying this before the new iPhone is announced, huh? I'll tell you, a lot of anxiety, no? 😝

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