Support small businesses: learn how to use the new Instagram Stories sticker

Support small businesses: learn how to use the new Instagram Stories sticker

Sticker "Support small businesses" was launched this week on Instagram Stories. Learn how to use the new feature

O Instagram launched this week the sticker Support small businesses (Support Small Business, in English), to be used in Stories. It is an initiative to help and give visibility to small businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19).

When posting to Instagram Stories, insert the “Support small business” sticker, including the username(@) small business. That done, your followers will be able to view a preview of the account and, by clicking on it, the person will be able to visit and follow the profile of the microentrepreneur.

Instagram Support small businesses New sticker “Support small businesses” helps to give visibility to local businesses

In addition, when using the sticker Support small businesses, your referral will be added to a collaborative story of your own Instagram called "Buy Local“, Which is highlighted and you can see all the suggestions of small companies, made by those you follow. O Showmetech prepared a tutorial on how to use the new tool, check below.

How to use the sticker “Support small businesses”

Step 1: Access the Instagram, available free of charge for Android and iPhone (iOS), and click on the camera icon in the upper left corner, or drag the news feed to the right. After that, take a picture or record a normal video in Stories;

Step 2: At the top, click on the sticker icon and select the option Support small businesses;

Step 3: Now, put the username (@) of the small business you want to disclose on your Instagram Stories. If you don't want to display the preview with the last three posts, just click on the sticker Support small businesses that it displays only the account user;

Step 4: After that, you can to share usually publishing in your story, to close friends, or selected users. Remembering that the other functions of writing, drawing and adding GIFs are still available, that is, you can make a very creative dissemination with the resources of Instagram Stories.

When mentioned on the sticker, companies can share the marks on their account or send a message to the people who marked them. According to Instagram, the inclusion of this resource is one of the measures that the company has been adopting to support small companies, which use the social network to promote their products.

Recently, the Facebook, owner of Instagram, announced a series of measures to help combat the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Among them is the Small Business Subsidy Program, with the amount of 100 million dollars used for companies to create advertisements on social platforms.

If you don't have the app, just find it for Android on the Play Store, and for iOS (iPhone) on the App Store.

Source: Instagram