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Super Mario Run arrives for Android, learn how to download the game

In 2016, Nintendo surprised with the success of the game Pokmon GO, created in partnership with Niantic. Later, the Japanese giant launched Super Mario Run exclusively for iOS. In 2017, after preparing its servers, the game was finally made available on the Play Store.

What does Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run hardly needs any introductions, but come on. The game follows the principle of endless running, whose main role is plumber Mario, who must fight, collect points, earn lives and collect coins – the same story we have long known for consoles, but now for smartphones.

Super Mario Run: Launch for Android

Last night Nintendo had already released the game on Google Play Store in Brazil. The game can be downloaded on devices running Android 4.2 or higher. The identical iOS game then follows the model available on the App Store, can be downloaded for free and the player will have to pay $ 35 through in-app purchases.

Download Super Mario Run for Android

super mario run payment
To follow the game, you will have to pay / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Five Alternatives to Super Mario Run for Android

Smash Oza Adventure

The environment is similar, but the main character reminds little of Mario. You can waste time playing Smash Oza Adventure (free) without any problems. The controls are good, there is not much publicity and the graphics are colorful and well made.

Download the game Smash Osa Adventure on Play Store

super mario clone
Smash Oza Adventure / AndroidPIT

Super Plumber Run

Super Plumber Run is a very interesting game, it has some worlds and obstacles that are very similar to what we have in the classic Super Mario. The style infinity run It's less present here, but the nostalgia set by the most classic graphics is guaranteed.

super plumber run
Super Plumber Run / AndroidPIT

Super Jungle World Adventure

Super Jungle World Adventure blends countless weird elements into one environment, like a rabid dog and bricks that has the designs of Angry Birds' green pigs, the Bad Piggies. The theme resembles Super Mario games, but the gameplay is a bit different. Take a test!

Download the game Super Jungle World Adventure from the Play Store here.

mario worlds run
Super Jungle World Adventure / AndroidPIT

Nob's World – Jungle Adventure

Almost a game of Mario. Pretty much the same … Nob's World has a main character very similar to Nintendo's Italian plumber, and the title gameplay is very similar to the classic. The controls are good and the levels have very interesting difficulty levels.

nobs world
Nob's World – Jungle Adventure / AndroidPIT

Nob's World – Jungle Adventure
Install on Google Play

Jungle World of Ted Adventure

Jungle World of Ted Adventure is a simple game, but full of small effects. Note that the developer worked well some graphic aspects. great for hobby in bank queues.

Download Jungle World of Ted Adventure from the Play Store here

64 super mario games
Jungle World of Ted Adventure / AndroidPIT

What, did you download Super Mario Run on your Android?

The purpose of this article is to gather in one place all the information about the updates of Super Mario Run for Android. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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