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Successor to iPhone XR expected to adopt 4 × 4 MIMO antennas for 4G faster

A few months ago, we talked here about how the iPhone XS handily surpassed the iPhone XR in terms of performance in connections 4G / LTE – all because of a component present in the most expensive device that was left out of its more “modest” brother. Well, buyers of future iPhones can breathe easy: it seems that this qualitative difference will be eliminated in 2019.

In a note to investors, Barclays analysts stated that the successor of the iPhone XR will adopt antenna design MIMO 4 × 4, present in the XS and XS Max iPhones but which was left out of the multicolored device launched last year – in it, the antennas are of the MIMO 2 × 2 type.

Practically speaking, the change will make the future device have a design with four antennas spread over its body, favoring signal reception in areas of unstable coverage and offering the devices even higher connection speeds – depending, of course, on the band to which connected, the quality of the signal in the area and the congestion of the network.

Adding this information to the rumor that the iPhones of 2019 will already support the new Wi-Fi 6 protocol, it can be said that the devices will be very well served when it comes to connectivity.

Qualcomm still on the move for 2020

Going a little further in time, another note published today by Barclays analysts brings yet another plot twist to more and more rambling relationship between Apple and Qualcomm. According to them, the Apple would be “dissatisfied” with the progress of Intel’s 5G modems, supposedly intended for the iPhones of 2020, and could turn to Qualcomm to supply the parts to future devices.

Obviously nobody would publish such information without a minimum of evidence, but it is hard to believe, it is enough to see that Qualcomm itself refused to supply components for the XS / XS Max / XR iPhones and that Apple also considered partnerships with Samsung and MediaTek to obtain 5G modems. In other words, the relationship between companies at the moment is basically null.

The Barclays note, however, cites that a possible agreement between Apple and Qualcomm to supply the modems in 2020 could be a good catalyst for peace between the two companies. In fact, it would be good news for everyone: Qualcomm, after all, has a wide advantage in developing solutions for the 5G connection and Apple, even with recent problems, is still one of the best selling companies in the world.

Will we have positive news soon?

iPhone XR standing

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