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If you're one of those passionate about games like the genius Temple Run, you should also know that this type of game is copied and cloned several times. Many of the original apps just steal the idea of ​​a successful game. However, sometimes some developers use the original idea and twist it, recreating it. Undoubtedly the case of Subway Surfers. Follow our review today to learn more about this app.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.1Root: SimMods: NoSubway Surfers has the same principle as Temple Run. In the game, you embody a graffiti artist interested in leaving his artistic traits on a train until the railroad police discover it and start chasing it. This is where the game starts for real, whose goal is to escape as fast as possible, avoiding some obstacles that appear midway.

Such obstacles may be represented by passing or departing railways or trains, intersecting tracks or interruptions in the route that may be bypassed or jumped. To accumulate extra points, you must collect coins along the way. There are situations where they are on the roof of the train or then on ramps adjacent to the platforms. The fact is that the game is very fast and you have to have a lot of reflection and concentration.

Your high score can be shared with friends via social networks, and to improve yourself, simply engage in a mission, complete it and thereby increase your score or unlock certain results and objectives.

The game still contains a lot of bonus objects. With Jetpack, you can fly over the tracks and collect a large amount of coins. And with Super Sneakers, you can easily reach the roof of the train. To collect coins, you have one month (as in Temple Run) and multipliers, which multiply the value of coins for a limited period of time. In the app store, you can make these objects more powerful by paying with the coins collected during matches.

If logged in via Facebook, you can share your score with friends and even organize a collective challenge. The quality of the track and sound effects are well suited to the game. Such features may be disabled in Options.

Conclusion:Subway Surfers, like Temple Run, those addictive. We can safely say that addicts in this one will not be disappointed at all by that one. Everything, graphics and functions, contribute to the product being of high quality.

Screen & Controls

Subway Surfers has very simple controls that take us to Temple Run, although those are a bit different. The trajectory can be modified according to the movement of the finger on the screen and not by tilting, as in the case of Temple Run. That is, the good thing about Subway Surfers is that you can play it with your phone resting on a table, for example. example.

Speed ​​& Stability

Subway Surfers works smoothly and smoothly, whether it's on Galaxy Note 2 or even less powerful devices.

Price / Performance Ratio

Download Subway Surfers free. You can even upgrade to a paid version or buy extra coins, but none of this is required. An advertising banner appears when the app starts, but can be closed instantly to start the game.

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