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Submarino coupon viralizes the web and case revolts users | Internet

In the morning of this Friday, 08/02, social networks began to fill with reports about a supposed discount coupon in the amount of $ 250 for purchases on the Submarino site. The problem was that after consumers entered the code and made the payment, the purchase was canceled. In other cases, the site goes down. All of this made people who felt injured turn to Twitter and Facebook to complain.

Submarine discount coupons cause controversy after canceled purchases Photo: ConstĂȘncia Garca / TechTudoSubmarine discount coupons cause controversy after canceled purchases Photo: ConstĂȘncia Garca / TechTudo

Submarine discount coupons cause controversy after canceled purchases Photo: ConstĂȘncia Garca / TechTudo

In addition to disputes about the cancellation of purchases, some consumers now charge the status of their orders directly to the official Submarino profiles. In the last tweet made by the company, announcing discounts on two electronic products, netizens asked for a placement.

The message received by customers who had the purchase canceled, told them to contact the central responsible for the credit card used. However, in some reports, the requests were even approved by the banks. In others, they have not even entered the invoice. As a result, other customers have said they will turn to Procon to resolve the impasse.

In addition to social networks, customers turned to Complain Here as a way of protesting the cancellation of purchases. Despite the growing volume, none of the complaints have been answered so far. In one report, a customer reports that he bought four items and, shortly after confirmation, had his payment declined. "However, due to the fact that the order is less than the discount offered by the coupon, I did not have to enter payment data, since the amount to be paid would be $ 00.00," he says.

In another, a customer says: "Regardless of whether it was a systemic error or not, the company must bear the purchase commitment, it is inadmissible for the order to be canceled for an error that was made by the company and not by the consumer. I await the resolution of the problem as soon as possible and my product ".

Last month Magazine Luiza got involved in a similar case. At dawn on July 11, the app distributed discounts of one thousand reais on any product of the online store. The next morning, the company spoke out on Twitter claiming that a bug released the coupon. The purchases, however, were not canceled and the profile took the opportunity to promote the app. Today, after the policy with the Submarino, promptly consumers began to make comparisons with the episode involving Magazine Luiza.

As the subject gained volume on social networks, it was unclear where the discount coupon came from. Internet users claim that the code was released by Submarino himself on the site. Many, however, said they took the number from the viralization on social networks.

TechTudo sought Submarino to clarify the case. The company said by way of note, and explained that the viralized code was not a discount coupon but an individual shopping voucher. Over the phone, the press office said it still could not identify how the number went viral.

Read below the note sent by Submarino to TechTudo:

Please be advised that today a submarine shopping voucher was viralized. Unlike our coupons, the individual voucher, linked to a single CPF. Upon completion of the order, the automatic purchase will be canceled if the CPF is not compatible with the voucher. We warn you that our valid coupons are posted on official Submarine networks.

Procon was also sought and stated that if Submarino's version is true, the company cannot be charged for canceled purchases. This is because the coupon would have been issued to a specific CPF and Submarino could not be responsible for its viralization.