Stunt Rally – The best-running Linux racing game you've ever seen!

Incredible graphics in an even better game!

Racing games have always been, and still only a big paradigm in the Linux world, even with the arrival of Steam on the Penguin platform there are really no good racing games with the same quality as a Need For Speed ​​for example.

Stunt Rally for Linux

Stunt Rally – Graphics Similar To Need For Speed ​​Pro Street And Undercover

In my time of Windows, when I was a few years old, I was a big fan of the NFS franchise, and I made a lot of versions of the game (ego-inflated moment) and I was always a little frustrated because there were no games with the same graphic quality as Need Undercover. (my favorite) for example, there was Super Tux Kart, which is very cool (really!) but it doesn't have the same graphic and I had the TORCS that I prefer not to comment, I could never play that game and have fun.

Until then I found the Stunt Rally.

Stunt rally


Stunt rally Stunt rally Stunt rally Stunt rally Stunt rally

Graphics and gameplay

The gameplay is simply good, nothing out of the ordinary for a racing game; the big difference even the graphic, I couldn't run the game with the graphics fully in full on my notebook (Core i5 – 4GB RAM – HDGRAPHICS3000), because really everything in the game is very well treated, the water graph is highlighted, the dust and the scenery of the scenery, all done with special care.

It's basically a rally game, but it has other game modes, one of the things that I find cool about the car models used in the game, are replicated from famous models like Subaru, Ferrari and Porshe among others.

There is a good range of tracks with different terrain types, from snow to desert.

Download Stunt Rally for Linux

The multiplatform game, and therefore there are versions for Windows and Mac OS also in addition to versions for Linux, Download about 500 MB.

Good races! =)

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