Street View competitor coming to Brazil?

In the last few weeks, we were able to observe a series of news involving Google Street View Brasil, from the leak of the images to the iPhone, to the accident involving one of the cars in SP and even the report of the fines generated by the irregular capture of the images.

Now, a contact made through our e-mail tells us, first hand, that we can already see the 360º images of Brazil. We still don’t know what it is about, but with the theme of “Something is in the Air”, it is already possible to browse and see images of some streets in Brazil.

According to our source, “you will be able to get to know and have access to high resolution images of the streets of Brazil, having the feeling that everyone is wanting to see you. As in other countries, soon, some surprises may be discovered while the user browses the images ”, direct transcript of the email.

PS: The service just entered the air and gained a profile on Twitter (@algoestanoar). If you have any tips about this service or other news from Google, you can let us know via from this email.