Street Fighter 2 was the best fighting game of the 1990s #TBT

Street Fighter 2 was the best fighting game of the 1990s #TBT

There was always a fight after school when I was a child. I would go to a small store that sold candy, candy, and soda, which was also the meeting place for the other students, and the "shit" always started at the entrance of that store. But if you're thinking about some kind of MMA for kids, forget it. I'm talking about the fights that took place in an arcade of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, the biggest fighting game of the 1990s.

It is almost certain that you have played too much, too little, or at least hear about Street Fighter II. Launched in 1991, World Warrior was the sequel to the original Street Fighter from 1987. The latter has had some commercial success, but it was his successor that exploded around the world, with characters that became icons and a revolutionary game mechanic that would popularize. once and for all fighting games.

To get a glimpse of Street Fighter II's firepower, it was Capcom's best-selling game by 2013, generating over $ 2.3 billion in revenue since 1995, with over 14 million units sold to home consoles. .

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Reliving E. Honda's memories by beating me / AndroidPIT

But what made me like Street Fighter II as much as I was a kid? Basically, because it was such a fun way to de-stress, incarnating a fighter after long hours at school. My favorite character was Ryu (clich, I know), the martial arts phenomenon whose mission was to defeat enemies of the size of Vega, Sagat, Mr. Bison and even former best friend Ken.

Street Fighter II was an incredibly fun way to de-stress after school.

Incidentally, speaking of Ken, he had powers almost identical to Ryu's, but with a more extravagant look, with his shiny blond hair and the "red-arrived" kimono. And when I was immersed in the game, I became a madly powerful fighter who could travel the world – Japan, Brazil, Spain, India – and set off tough guys. Street Fighter II was, in the early 1990s, the most fun way a child could "fight", but without getting into trouble.

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Ken versus Ryu: I was Ken. I lost / AndroidPIT

The mechanics of the game made each fight intense, requiring cold blood to hit and catch. Players needed to practice each character's special moves in order not to be butchered by the most veteran. And yes, you still had to learn what each fighter's strengths and weaknesses were. A hadouken could always be effective, but it could be dodged by the invisible power of Dhalsim, for example. The shock of Blanka could always take you by surprise, but Guinle's "Sonic Boom" was efficient enough to surprise the Brazilian character. And by the way …

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I was even a reasonable player in Street Fighter II. But there were a lot more addicted people than me / AndroidPIT

I even became a good Street Fughter II player, but I never fully mastered the mechanics of the game. I remember that early in my career as a "street fighter," my little five-year-old brother had mastered all the blows much more easily and beat me up after beating with E.Honda's special multi-punch blow. I went crazy every time this happened, but then I remembered it was just a video game. Good times…

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Even older, it is still possible to play Street Fighter II on Nintendo PC emulators / AndroidPIT

Over the years, other Street Fighter sequences came. An experience that was almost exclusive to arcades definitely won the consoles and I even bought Street Fighter Alpha 2 for my playstation. However, I grew older and found less and less time to play. School, crush, hang out with friends … well, you know. The truth is that Street Fighter ended up behind.

But whenever that nostalgic feeling hits, I access some Nintendo emulator on my PC and have fun for some good times. I may have gotten older but Street Fighter II: The World Warrior never go out of style. HADOUKEN!

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