Streaming: Netflix, YouTube and Globoplay announce quality reduction in Brazil

Streaming: Netflix, YouTube and Globoplay announce quality reduction in Brazil

Netflix, YouTube and Globoplay will reduce the quality of streaming in Brazil during the pandemic of the new coronavirus to avoid network congestion.

THE Netflix, The YouTube it's the Globoplay announce that they will decrease quality of streaming in Brazil during the AIDS pandemic COVID-19, disease caused by new coronavirus. The purpose of the measure, implemented this week, is to avoid congestion in the networks, since more people are at home, whether due to quarantine or social distance.

In the case of Netflix, the press office informed that the change should take place in up to two days. In practice, little will change, because the public will continue to have access to high definition content. Only the highest display quality of each service package – Ultra High Definition, High Definition and Standard Definition – will no longer be available.

Mobile with Netflix openChange on Netflix should take place in the next two days.

"If you are particularly tuned to a specific video quality, you may notice a slight decrease in quality at each resolution."

Netflix Announcement

J no YouTube, the change is already in effect. When the user clicks on a video, the platform displays on the quality standard definition (SD), that the resolution of 480p.

TV with YouTube app selectedYouTube now displays videos in 480p.

Read the note from the press office below. Google about subsidiary YouTube, in full:

“We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the world to minimize the impact on the system during this unprecedented situation. Last week, we announced that we are temporarily showing standard definition quality (SD) YouTube videos in the European Union. Given the global nature of this crisis, starting today we expand this change to the whole world ”.

Notebook with open Globoplay4K and Full HD resolutions will not be available on Globo's streaming services.

THE Globe announced that its streaming will have limited data delivery starting this week. The measure will affect the Globoplay, G1, Globoesporte, GShow and Globosat Play. With this change, 4K and 1080p (Full HD) resolutions will not be available. The objective, according to the company, to avoid the collapse of the infrastructure.

The measure only affects data traffic, so there are no limits on the amount of videos and / or hours watched.

Streaming in Europe

THE Netflix it's the YouTube had already adopted the reduction in quality of streaming in Europe, where the COVID-19 pandemic is more severe and several countries have enacted confinement as a measure of containment of the new coronavirus.

The authorities even called on the platforms to help maintain the stability of the internet. That's because the home office and the confinement in Europe, which became the epicenter of the pandemic, caused an increase in traffic on the networks.

Woman fiddling with cellphone while watching TVHome office and confinement increased traffic on the networks.

Both the Netflix how much YouTube agreed to reduce the speed of transmission streams for 30 days.

“We developed, tested and implemented a way to reduce Netflix traffic on the networks by 25%, starting with Italy and Spain, which were experiencing the greatest impact.”

Ken Florance, vice president of content delivery

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