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Brazil is among the top ten Internet users in the world, according to an Internet World Stats survey conducted in 2019. The technology industry, following the trend of people-to-people connections, has been developing applications to help two of today's major problems. : sedentary lifestyle and depression. In a speech at Rio Creative Conference 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Mark Gainey, co-founder of Strava, spoke about the app created by athletes for athletes, which has the proposal to stimulate physical activities through social connections.

Remember that Strava is a platform that allows you to track and analyze the performance of physical exercises. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the tool acts as a network for sharing challenges and achievements, enabling tracking and tracking of your activities in real time. In addition, the user can create and share their tracks, as well as explore the path of friends.

How to use Strava, social network for athletes

Mark Gainey, Strava cofounder at Rio2C 2019 Photo: Pedro Vital / dnetcMark Gainey, Strava cofounder at Rio2C 2019 Photo: Pedro Vital / dnetc

Mark Gainey, Strava cofounder at Rio2C 2019 Photo: Pedro Vital / dnetc

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Brazil has more than 5 million athletes, most of them located in the main capitals So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Braslia, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte. As one of the most active social media populations, Mark Gainey explains the importance of apps like Strava, as the country has six of the 100 cities with the most urban mobility problems in the world. According to Mark, stimulating physical activity reduces the risk of disease and eases traffic jams.

"Sports are more than working out they are about community," said Mark Gainey in explaining that Strava is a community. In addition to working the body, you can exercise the mind, make records, get out of sedentary lifestyle, and be able to know different people and cultures.

Strava Photo: Eduardo Manhes / dnetcStrava Photo: Eduardo Manhes / dnetc

Strava Photo: Eduardo Manhes / dnetc

According to the executive, more than 322 million people suffer from depression worldwide, and 18.4% of the world's population is affected by emotional illness. Sport-related group activities promise to integrate people through real-world experiences and thus can lower the risk of problems such as anxiety and depression.

With this proposal, social integration apps with sports make it possible to track improvements in health, levels of effort and also bring safety to those who practice physical activities alone, by sharing location with other athletes who make use of the social network. Strava's co-founder also pointed out: "Sweat is the solution to society's problems."

Using technology beneficially to solve population problems is becoming increasingly true today. Like Strava, new products and solutions arrive to stimulate physical activity and increasingly reduce the risk of emotional illness. Health apps can help a person adopt a healthy diet and ingest the right amount of water a day, for example. Other apps teach you to stretch and do yoga, as well as offer meditation classes.

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