Strategy Analytics: Apple TV sold about 4 million units in 2011

While a lot of people dream and wait for an Apple television (Gene Munster say it!), The Apple TV is playing its role very well.


In late July, Concord Securities estimated that Ma would have sold 480,000 units of the device.

Today, Strategy Analytics released a report in which it says that Apple sold something close to 4 million Apple TVs, becoming the market leader in set-top boxes (internet TV or streaming video), with approximately 32% market share.

Glee on Apple TV

Although not yet in gear, the promising market, Strategy Analytics estimates that it doubled in 2011, compared to 2010, with about 12 million units sold.

Apple TV users are the ones who most consume movies and TV series (30%), against 20% of owners of others set-top boxes.

According to Jia Wu, a senior analyst in the connected home appliances division, Apple is preparing to enter the smart TV market in 2012, and other rival platforms need to accelerate their development plans if they are to be competitive.

If we take the Stevenote from the 2010 music event (thanks, Fabio Fiss!), where the former Apple CEO introduced the second generation Apple TV, the first thing he says: “People want (Hollywood) movies and TV series!” Any surprises because this gadget is today the market leader? I have no doubt that the future of Apple TV is well established within Ma and, particularly, I still believe that the revolution can be made from a device like the current one (silent, cool and little words from Steve).

How? Only the market can Apple respond.

(via 9to5Mac)