Stranger Things Apple Pencil

“Stranger Things”, Netflix’s original series, had a poster made on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Netflix’s newest original series is winning over many fans by interwebs. If you still don’t know what it is, I tell you: “Stranger Things” (something like “Strange Things”).

What is behind the success of the series? In addition to being a very well done thriller / horror, creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (the “Duffer brothers”) sucked up many aspects of the great hits of the 1980s, such as: “Conta Comigo” (Stand by Me), “The Goonies”, “ET – The Extraterrestrial” and all of John Hughes’ films (remember “Enjoying Life Madly?”). Going from top secret government experiments and telekinesis to monsters and supernatural things, the series takes place in 1983, in Hawkins (Indiana, United States), and also has romance, comedy and a strong bond of friendship that unites the protagonists (in fact, the kids rock performance).

But then you ask: what does this site have to do with such a series? The news is that his incredible promotional poster was made entirely in a iPad Pro like Apple Pencil. The artist Kyle Lambert (whose adventures on the iPad we already published here on MacMagazine) recounted his experience, reporting that Netflix asked him to create art with a “face” from the 1980s, when several posters were painted by hand.

Stranger Things Apple Pencil

Inspired by Draw Struzan (creator of the poster art for “Star Wars”, “Back to the Future”, among others) to set the tone of “eighteenth” mystery, Lambert used the applications Procreate to create drafts of the art and, to finalize it at a higher resolution, he exported the layers to the Adobe Photoshop.

See the result:

Stranger Things Draft Procreate

Draft made in Procreate

Stranger Things iPad Pro Poster

Finished Art in Adobe Photoshop

The art really was fantastic and, to Lambert’s pride, it is stamped even in several outdoors around the USA. With this success, I’m sure your creations will appear here more often, huh?

If you subscribe to Netflix, I highly recommend the series and I leave you two videos for tasting: the subtitled trailer and this behind the scenes video, which is incredible.

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