Surface Touch Cover

Strange rumor of the day: Is Microsoft working on an iPad keyboard similar to the Smart Keyboard?

If you ask anyone who is minimally attuned in the technological world today, who is the biggest rival of the iPad Pro available in the market, it will certainly have as answer the Surface Pro, from Microsoft. Satya giant Nadella has done an excellent job in its computer line, and the tablet / hybrid has been doing its job as the family’s flagship very well – even becoming a formidable competitor for the most expensive tablet computers in the world. Apple.

One of the reasons for the success of both lines – Surface and iPad Pro – is the number of really useful official accessories that complement its features; in this sense, the Smart Keyboard, from Apple, and the Type Cover, gives Big M, represent the apex of this idea of ​​expansiveness brought by the two products. But what if I tell you that, apparently, one of the companies is intending to enter the land of the other in the near future?

I explain: earlier today, the WinFuture noticed something different on the Microsoft website. On a page with the list of the company’s products equipped with an internal lithium battery, a “IPad Touch Cover” – with model code and everything (1719). The name says it all, doesn’t it?

Surface Touch Cover

Obviously, such a product does not (yet) exist in the real world, so we can only ask: would it be a slip by the Redmond giant? It is not possible to state any other details of this project besides the fact that it has an internal battery. Perhaps it was an idea discarded by Microsoft; we may be a few days / weeks from your official announcement.

And more: note that the name Touch Cover indicates a keyboard / cover with capacitive keys, going in the opposite direction of the latest accessories from Microsoft, which bring real keys – the company offered covers with touch sensitive keyboards for the first Surfaces, as in the photo above, but the idea soon was filed for the sake of more, say, tactile accessories. Could this be a strategy by Satya and his gang to not deliver all the gold to the competition or another indication that we are talking about a stillborn product? Are so many questions.

We will be connected to possible more information about this cryptic rumor. Opinions?

via AppleInsider