strange noise, Airplane Mode and EarPods with Lightning connector

Stocks of iPhones 7/7 Plus disappear in a few minutes of pre-sale; glossy black model has huge demand

The question of the start button that we discussed yesterday is something to watch out for, but nothing serious / drastic, because before, nobody could use the touchscreen of any iPhone without a capacitive glove. But yes, some problems permeating the iPhones 7 and 7 Plus in these first days of reaching the market that Apple has to solve.

Let’s go to them.

Strange noise

The first problem came up over the weekend, brought by Stephen Hackett, from the website 512 Pixels. When put to ?sweat?, the chip A10 Fusion iPhone 7 has made a very noticeable strange noise.

In past iPhones, there have been similar reports, but apparently the noise (in English, ?Hissing noise? since they already named the problem #HissingGate or #HissGate) this time a little higher, which may, yes, come to be considered normal by Apple.

Too early to say what has caused this; The AppleInsider, for example, speculates that it has to do with some kind of interference from the speaker to the radio frequency (RF) transmitter. It is also a fact that the problem does not manifest itself in any and all iPhone 7/7 Plus units (in mine, specifically, I couldn’t hear anything even putting the pet to work hard).

Avio Mode

This has definitely happened with only a portion of users, but it is worth noting: some say that after returning the iPhone 7 from Avio Mode, the device simply cannot get a signal from the operator anymore.

According to MacRumors, Apple has already been informed and is investigating the problem. In the meantime, she recommends that affected users restart their iPhones and, if that doesn’t resolve, remove the chip (SIM Card) from the tray and then put it back in.

This is another problem that affects neither mine nor the iPhones 7 of Eduardo and Breno. We have just returned to Brazil from Germany and, during flights, we put and take our Avio Mode devices multiple times without any abnormal behavior.

EarPods with Lightning connector

EarPods with Lightning connector on the side

Finally, there are also reports of users who are having headaches with the new EarPods. According to reports, the headphones stop working after some time connected; most continue to play the music, but the wire control (for volume adjustment, Siri activation, answering calls, etc.) stops responding.

Apple is also aware of the problem, according to the Business Insider, and promises to resolve it soon through a software update.