Mac Pro (backlit)

Store sells Mac Pro with over 50% discount!

THE Mac Pro more than 1,000 days without receiving an update and the abandonment (or not) of the machine has already been widely discussed here in MacMagazine. But obviously, there are still people who might be interested in it, especially when a store decides to sell it at a huge discount!

Mac Pro (backlit)

Of course, I’m not here saying that now is a bargain, after all we are still talking about R $ 10,559.12 (in cash). But if we take into account that at Apple he is leaving for R $ 21,149.10, Saraiva’s discount is an impressive 50%!

In addition to the Mac Pro, Saraiva is also selling the Magic Trackpad (the first generation, which works with batteries) for R $ 199, Smart Covers for several iPad models at very attractive prices, AppleCare for iPod touch R $ 99 (instead of the R $ 341.10 charged by Apple), among other offers.

Anyone who can, #fikdik. ?

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