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store sells iPhone 6 128GB for the price of the 64GB!

Offer: iPhone 6 128GB for the price of the 64GB!

At the end of 2015 Submarino made a very cool promotion for those who like and need an iPhone with plenty of space for storage. They sold the 128GB iPhone 6 for the price of 64GB, for R $ 3,499.00 at up to 10 times or per R $ 3,149.10 View.

IPhone 6 case

Because the promotion is back! Anyone who was interested and did not take advantage or simply did not even know about the offer, now has the chance to buy the device again (in silver and gold colors).

With the dollar shooting the way it is, these offers are undoubtedly very welcome since they make everything even more interesting even for those who have the possibility to buy abroad.

Enjoy! ?

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