Stoq: A free business management program for Linux

Free and efficient, Stop one of the best Commercial management programs available for Linux

Now you can use free software to run your business.

I always dreamed of having a Video Rental, and one day I will realize my dream, and as a good Geek user of Linux, I often thought about how cool it would be to manage my venture with a program that ran directly on Linux, ie native.

Stoq Logo

And as Stoq comes in, I have often suggested using Linux in Micro Enterprise for my students and clients, but it ran into a relatively simple service, but it didn't exist, at least not very well, that was software for managing stock, accounts, and customers, a gap that Stoq came to fill.


Stop is a free, free, Brazilian commercial gesture software developed in Python using GTK +, Kiwi, PostgreSQL and other libraries and tools.

Stoq has no cost to purchase and use. You can download, install and use Stoq without paying a dime!

And today was released the new version of the program that includes:

  • New application for work order control. The application is still under development, but already implements the basic Service Order process. New features will still be added.
  • New annual report for the financial application, containing all information recorded in the financial application.
  • ECF Elgin K Fiscal Support.
  • Better control when two competing sales try to sell the last units of the same product.
  • New HTML reporting infrastructure, with the ability to change page orientation and font used prior to printing (experimental).

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