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Stickman Ski Racer (Free) | AndroidPIT

Here in the northern hemisphere, Christmas has passed, but winter has just begun. And winter here guarantees snow and, for lovers of winter sports, skiing. After all, it's not cold because there are no sports to practice. But for those who prefer to go indoors and do not want to face the intense cold (at least for sports) and still enjoy skiing, we have a suggestion: download the Stickman Ski Racer (Free). And for those in the tropics, it's a great call for virtual fun. Read our review and see if that's all behind Stickman Ski Racer (Free).

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Version: 4.2.1Root: NoMods: NoneStickman games are very popular and there are versions of these stick figures running, jumping, cycling and doing other types of stunts. Stickman Ski Racer (Free) brings sticks to the mountains and snow slopes.

The app is heavy 18 MB in size and after installation it gets a bit bigger: 19 MB. The requested permissions are trivial and necessary for the app to work.

The purpose of the sticks here is to go down a mountain aboard a ski, avoiding obstacles that appear along the descent and at the same time collecting coins. Choosing the right way out will be important if you don't want to have a terrible end (the little doll crashing between the rocks).

There are four different mountain ranges to choose from in 30 levels:

  • Alps
  • Himalayas
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Cratos

A certain amount of stars are required to unlock parts of the game. Such stars are earned each time a level is completed.

What makes the game interesting is its settings and the different paths to be followed. All the dynamics are quite fun, including twirls, rocks and avalanches. Other elements present are snow canes, bridges, ski resorts, etc. In short, all this to make the game interesting. There is still, for example, a night skiing mode. And if you want to buy more elements, just use the coins collected in the matches or buy coins.

Conclusion:Stickman Ski Racer (Free) is a great pastime, especially for game enthusiasts like Line Runner or Stick Stunt Biker. It is a game full of graphics, interesting settings and many paths to complete. We highly recommend.

Screen & Controls

The Stickman Ski Racer (Free) controls are very well designed and are super easy to assimilate, especially for players who are already used to this kind of game. Click on the right part of the display to speed up and left part to slow down. To jump the rocks, simply drag your finger across the screen or then move the device. The design of the game is not far behind with its beautiful details.

Speed ​​& Stability

Stickman Ski Racer (Free) performed perfectly during our tests. We believe the game has great ease even on older devices.

Price / Performance Ratio

Stickman Ski Racer (Free) is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Advertising banners will be present at the top of the screen (take a look at our screenshots). With 0.79 euros, you get rid of them.

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