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Stickers for WhatsApp: check out the apps to create custom stickers

List rene the best free apps for Android and iOS when it comes to creating stickers for Whatsapp; know the main resources of each one

Since they arrived in 2018, the stickers for Whatsapp they are a complete success. And although the most popular way to discover new stickers is organic sharing among users, many people also like to create their own: either to add a personal touch to a meme or to play with friends, family or friends. job.

And if you also want to create your own stickers, as they are also known, we prepared a list with the best apps for that, including both the most basic and straightforward options and the most complete ones. Check it out below and download it for free on your Android or iPhone:

Free and without ads, the the most complete option for those who want to create stickers for Whatsapp without much work. This is because, in addition to not showing advertisements, the app has a very easy to use interface and allows you to create stickers from the images you have on your cell phone or from texts that you can type yourself. In addition, it is also possible to search GIFs in the app itself and create stickers from them.

To cut out the images, the user can manually draw the cutout area or let the app identify the elements of the image and create the sticker alone, remembering that it is possible to adjust this cutout right away. On its home page, the still displays videos for use on WhatsApp status and the sticker packs created by other users. Remember that when creating your stickers, they can also be made available for other users to download on the app.

Download free for Android on the Play Store and iOS (iPhone) on the App Store.


A little simpler, the StickerMaker it also goes more directly to the point, since right on the home screen the user defines the name and the author of the sticker pack, chooses the icon that identifies the pack in the Whatsapp and then you can start creating the stickers. On the creation screen, it is also possible to manually cut out the sticker, in pre-defined formats or in free format, or, still, use an option that makes the cutout and excludes the background of the image automatically.

The cut quality is as good as the, since both apps are efficient at distinguishing and removing the background from images in most of them. Also as the first app on the list, the Sticker Maker still allows add texts in the stickers created, but does not allow to create stickers from texts or GIFs. After creating the sticker, the user can continue adding images or finish creating the package by adding it to the Whatsapp.

Although it does not allow the user to download packages created by other people, an interesting differential of the StickerMaker that, at least in Android, it is possible to save a backup on Google Drive with the packages you created.

THE StickerMaker can be downloaded free for Android on the Play Store and iOS (iPhone) on the App Store.

Sticker maker for WhatsApp

Developed by the same creators of Inshot, The Sticker Maker for Whatsapp allows you to create stickers without the need to edit them, which may be more convenient for some people. To create a Whatsapp with the app, just open it and tap ?+ Create Sticker Pack?, select at least three images to be transformed into stickers and that's it, just define the name of your new sticker pack and add it to the Whatsapp.

According to the developer, the Sticker maker for WhatsApp it also supports most still image formats, such as JPG, .PNG and .WEBP. However, not possible create stickers from GIFs. Also according to the developer, the tool works with the WhatsApp GB, the most popular modified version of the messenger.

Download the free Android app from the Play Store.


Although other apps on the list already allow you to create stickers with text, TextSticker differentiates itself for being entirely dedicated To this. For this reason, it has more varied and neat fonts than the others presented here, and so it is the best tool if you intend to create many text-based stickers. Although it also creates stickers with images from the gallery and even allows you to search for images in the application itself, this is not your forte. The application has verse only for Android, leaving iOS (iPhone) aside.

To create a text sticker with the TextSticker, open the application and click the ?+? button. Then, choose the text option "T" and, in the field displayed at the top of the screen, type the desired text remembering that it is also possible to add emojis. Then, select the font styles in which you want to save the text and return to the previous screen to save the stickers.

When finished, tap on ?Add 1/30 stickers to the pack?, remembering that the maximum of 30 stickers that the same pack can have. Like other apps, the TextSticker it also allows you to download entire packages (and even spare stickers) created by other users.

Download for free TextSticker for Android on the Play Store.

All Stickers

The app All Stickers an alternative to the apps above as it allows you to completely edit the image before turning it into a sticker. After selecting the image, the user can crop and rotate the image, draw on it, add text, emojis and other visual elements, in addition to removing the background, manually or by letting the application do it itself.

You can still create stickers from scratch (without using a base image) or download ready-made packages created by the developers themselves. On the home screen, you can get these packages by themes, including memes, football teams, good morning greetings and others.

Download the free Android app from the Play Store.

And you liked our selection with free apps to create stickers for Whatsapp? Remember that you can give your opinion and interact with us on comment field below!