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Steve Wozniak: “You must find a way out of Facebook”

Let's get to the facts: Steve Wozniak don't trust the FacebookAnd he has no language on his tongue to make that clear. After joining the #deleteFacebook campaign, which took shape last year, Apple's cofounder once again hit the key that people must find a way out of Mark Zuckerberg's social network.

Woz was recently interviewed by the American entertainment site TMZ and was quite categorical in stating that the lack of privacy on the Zuckerberg platform is not worth it for most people, suggesting that Facebook should offer users a subscription option that provides "an extra layer of security."

People think they have a level of privacy that doesn't exist. Why do they not give me a choice? Let me pay you a certain amount to keep my data more secure and private than all that is delivered to advertisers.

While the Facebook CEO emphasized the company's efforts to keep user data secure, Woz doesn't believe much has changed since the start of social networking policies and the privacy of its customers. Thus, the only way to ensure the security of your personal information is really by leaving the platform.

There are many types of people, and for some the benefits of Facebook are worth the loss of privacy. But for many, like me, my recommendation: you should figure out a way to sign out of Facebook.

When asked if the electronic devices we use on a daily basis are "listening" to us, Woz admitted that he said he is also worried about that, however, he doesn't believe there is a way to stop them.

I worry because you are having conversations that you think are private you are saying words that really should not be heard [by other people], because you do not expect that. But there is almost no stopping.

While Facebook continues to be investigated on how it handles user data, Apple goes the other way and advertises its privacy policy, which also inspires other technology giants, such as China's Huawei.

via Gizmodo