Steve Wozniak talks about iPhone X and says he would like Touch ID on the device

Steve Wozniak talks about iPhone X and says he would like Touch ID on the device

Our friend and co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak (“Woz”), appeared in one of these lectures he enjoys so much about the world. Among several subjects, he gave his opinion on the iPhone X.

Even before Apple's newest device was released, Woz shared that he had no intention of buying it, but would check “closely” that his wife would probably have one. However, during the Pivot Summit in Geelong, Victoria (Australia), he said his comment came to Tim Cook, who promptly sent the Apple co-founder an iPhone X and, according to the listeners at the lecture, he “ kinda liked ”the device.

Tim Cook sent an iPhone 10 (sic) to Woz because he said in an interview that he didn't have time to get one. It took two nights setting it up: “I kind of like it” # PivotSummit2017

Does that mean that the new device has conquered Woz for good? In fact, not entirely. He went on to say that he still prefers Touch ID to Face ID and would like the fingerprint sensor to be placed on the back of the device, as some rumors have suggested.

It works well, but not what I would like. I wish I had the Touch ID on the back () more than anything. The Face ID slows down my Apple Pay and fails enough that I have to type in the password.

And to substantiate his opinion, he also said he had friends who preferred to disable Face ID and use only the digit password to "make the phone simpler to use".

Even though he said these things about the device, Woz still likes Ma more than his competitors. He said Google, Facebook and Amazon are "taking advantage" of consumers for being powerful, while Apple makes money by delivering good products to the public.

We are that weak guy, and they are that big, powerful man, who wield their power and keep gaining more power and wealth at our expense. Apple is the only one that gets its money from good products.

Woz also voiced his opinion on other issues and compared Elon Musk (Tesla Motors CEO) with Steve Jobs, saying they had a similar view, even with different ideas.

Funny how, even away from the company he helped found, Woz can draw attention with comments about Apple's new products.

via Cult of Mac