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Steve Wozniak says Apple should have split long ago

Oh Woz. The half-hearted, papeless way in the Apple co-founder's language may not please everyone, but one sure thing when he speaks, it is important to hear him, if only to disagree with him. His technological stature, after all, is undeniable.

In a recent interview Bloomberg, the Apple co-founder spoke about some issues that have been around the company in recent times, such as the almost immeasurable (if not monopolistic) power of big technology companies and the influence of the service sector on the company.

Big tech

About the possible monopoly that is forming among the top five US technology companies (Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook), Woz has strongly argued against monopoly practices. According to him, the giants can "get away" from many things simply by their power, which should not happen and, therefore, he is also an advocate of the division of companies into smaller companies.

In the case of Apple that Woz ranks as the best of giants simply for "caring about its users," the inventor said splitting smaller companies would be beneficial to creative thinking.

I wish Apple had split up a long time ago, putting independent operations far away for each team to think independently, the way HP did at the time I was working there. But that is just my opinion I am not one of those who says that there is only one set of facts that makes it correct. Other people may come to other conclusions. But I think the big tech it got too big; a force too powerful in our lives, and it took away our power of choice.

Defining himself as a proponent of more competitiveness, Woz said that business division favors new ideas coming more easily, which would be beneficial for consumers who, he said, should always be the top priority: “I am always on the consumer side and on the producer's side, ”according to the engineer.


Woz also spoke about Apple's shift toward the service industry, calling the move positive and necessary for Ma to survive by meeting market demands.

I'm very proud of Apple as a company because we have always been able to make transitions. We started with the name Apple Computer, and as we entered the product categories that were more personal in nature, we took "Computer" out of our name. Being flexible and able to change according to market demands is very important for any modern company that wants to persevere.

The inventor also shared a few words about the Apple card, stating that the service's physical credit card is totally consistent with Ma's language and look. According to Woz, this is the “prettiest” card he's ever had and the fact that he doesn't have numbers helps a lot.

Apple watch

The engineer also said that Apple Watch today is his favorite piece of hardware in the world, and contributes to it not acting as a "smartphone addict":

I go from my computer to Apple Watch, and almost always forget the phone. I don't want to be one of those people who wants to be addicted () so I don't use the phone for most things except maybe urgent matters.

Despite this, Woz said he does not use much of the Health From Apple Watch he recognizes the importance of the feature and the fact that there are millions of people in the world using it and benefiting from it. Just not your beach, really.

The full interview can be viewed on the Bloomberg.

via iMore; image: mark reinstein / Shutterstock