Various models of Apple Watches

Steve Jobs would have inspired Apple’s health initiatives

Although the Apple Watch being advertised as a fashion-related item, the intention behind its design seems to have been far more noble. At least that’s what it says Tim Bajarin in a matter of TEAM published yesterday (9/5).

Some of the Apple executives responsible for the development of the Apple Watch told Bajarin that one of the strongest reasons for creating the watch was because of his own will Steve Jobs improving the health system. The Apple co-founder ‘s fight against cancer led him to deal directly with this system, and on that journey, he realized that there were many things that needed to be adjusted. Of course, when it came to Jobs, there was only one way to achieve that goal: through technology.

One of the problems Jobs noted was that there was a huge chasm between patients and medical providers. Many people who needed help with their illness on a daily basis simply could not monitor them, at least not with the activity monitoring bracelets that had existed until then. If technology could increase proximity between people and their doctors, that should be Apple’s goal.

Various models of Apple Watches

As much as there is no certainty that Steve Jobs was even part of the idealization of the Apple Watch, he knew that something would need to be done to monitor health through mobile devices. In the years following his death, some incredible initiatives in this area came to light.

HealthKit appeared in 2014, providing new ways to develop applications that would help generate more accurate data in conjunction with the Health app. Nine months later, ResearchKit came to facilitate studies regarding diseases, even allowing for early diagnoses such as autism. At the end of last month, another initiative was made available: CareKit. In 2015, these kits ended up being boosted by the launch of the watch, making it much more than just a luxury item, but a gadget that allows its users to have a healthy routine.

A few months after launching Watch, Apple appeared on a TV show ABC showing the public their “secret laboratory”, where all fitness / health tests are carried out. Bajarin described his recent visit to the unit: “For 12 hours a day, six days a week, Apple brings in employees of different shapes, physical conditions and ethnic groups to do various exercises and monitor them with the most sophisticated medical systems available.”

If we look at the advances that Apple has made in the health area, we can see the company’s zeal and pride in dealing with these matters. And they value not only the cutting edge technology they have created, but because they know that from the company’s efforts, many people can live better. The guy in jeans and a black turtleneck would have been very proud. ?

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