Paris will win street named after Steve Jobs, but sectors of the French left are not very happy about it

Steve Jobs sets an example in the Syrian refugee crisis

Steve Jobs It has already been used as an example at various times (for example, in a speech by American President Barack Obama, after all, the story of the Apple co-founder was interesting. Few people remember, however, that Jobs was the son of a serious immigrant.

If you are minimally interested in the situation in the world, you must have seen / read somewhere that there is currently a huge crisis in Europe involving immigrants from the Middle East, especially serious people fleeing the civil war that afflicts the country. The issue, of course, is the subject of much discussion as the number of refugees trying to enter countries like France and the United Kingdom is simply enormous. And just as some people see many problems in this, others believe it can be a good opportunity.

A few months ago, David Galbraith tweeted a famous photo of Jobs with the words “A son of serious immigrants” the message was retweeted more than 15,600 times.


Now, Banksy (veteran English street artist) painted Jobs carrying a bag with one hand and a Macintosh with another in a refugee camp in Calais (a city in northern France), reinforcing the message that immigration can indeed generate benefits for these countries .

According to the website ObserverBanksy (who doesn't usually give interviews or make public comments) said:

We are often led to believe that migration drains a country's resources, but Steve Jobs was the son of a serious immigrant. Apple is the most profitable company in the world, it pays more than $ 7 billion a year in taxes and exists only because they authorized the entry of a young man from Homs.

Speaking specifically of Apple, we know that Tim Cook is totally in favor of diversity within the company and whenever he can demonstrate his struggle for it.

In mid-September, the company made a substantial donation (the amount was not disclosed) and asked everyone to contribute in some way to the crisis; recently, upon receiving the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope award, the Apple CEO spoke on topics such as climate change, Apple charities, access to quality education, privacy, LGBT rights, social discrimination and, of course, the crisis of refugees / immigrants in Syria.

The topic is complicated and generates a lot of discussion, but it is still interesting to see Jobs being used as an example in this matter.

(tip from Danilo Toth Lombardi)