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Steve Jobs responds to user email using an iPad

It seems that receiving an email from Steve Jobs after asking him something is becoming quite common: they have already been asking the Apple CEO for answers about Final Cut Studio, Picasa and so on, but now the question was about the iPad itself, sent by an Italian blogger. Interestingly, he not only received a positive answer about his question (related to the iBooks ePub format, already discussed here), but this time, it came straight from the iPad version of Mail.

This is not only clear from the response sent by Jobs, but also from the header extracted from the message, reproduced below:

Well, we can already expect that developers were not the only ones who were putting their hands on iPads before launch, but this appears to be Jobs’s first response sent from a product unit. Oh, and since we're talking about answers, the MacRumors He also reported yesterday that the CEO of Apple responded to an email from a user who is not so patiently waiting for new MacBooks Pro, only advising him not to worry.

Evidence that this conversation existed has not been released, but I think it needs nothing more than to conclude that these stories started to get weird