Steve Jobs planned to work on a TV even after stepping down as Apple CEO

After leaving the position of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs I still planned to stay active in the company's decisions and innovations even though I was quite ill. The night he handed the bat to Tim Cook, he would have made a call to Walt Mossberg (now executive editor of The verge It's from Recode; former editor of Wall street journal) and told about his plans for a TV, as told by Peter Kafka.

On August 25th, Mossberg published an unpretentious and homesick Facebook post, recalling a story he had made in 2011 about the "Jobs Era", citing that as he wrote it, he received a call from Jobs himself the night he left. operations as CEO. Intrigued by this publication, Kafka talked to Mossberg to tell him what Jobs would have said on the call.

He would remain involved in the operations. The press release did not make this very clear. But he wanted me to know that he would still be involved in the big strategies and that he would have left a particular thing to deal with himself. So I asked, "What?"; and the answer was, “Well, the television. I think we have found a way to do it and it will be fantastic. I would like you to come here in a few months because I want to show you. ”

Jobs's voice was weak, but he was quite excited. There was no detail on what he would do exactly, but Mossberg believes he would “reinvent the entire TV system,” working on both hardware and software not just the set top box that we know. Unfortunately, the details could not be shared because, less than two months after the chat, Jobs passed away.

What we know about this is that Jobs planned to create a TV that was “completely easy to use,” as his big-man Walter Isaacson has already revealed.

Looking at what we have today, we can see that Ma has been striving to further improve Apple TV by adding apps to it, leading multiple channels and even Siri. As Tim Cook likes to say, “the future of TV is apps”; If that's what Jobs was planning, we don't know, but we hope everything can evolve to the point of really being a TV powerhouse.

(via MacRumors)