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Steve Jobs planned to destroy Android at any cost

Steve Jobs' authorized biography, which hits Brazilian stores today, brings a series of revelations from his personal and professional life, including his critical views on Google and the Android platform. See some excerpts below:

When commenting on the possibility of bringing iTunes to Android, just as Apple did for Windows users, Jobs himself dismissed any idea that could make users happy:

“We wondered if we should make a music client for Android. We put iTunes on Windows to sell more iPods. But I don't see an advantage of putting our own music app on Android, except to make Android users happy. And I don't want to make Android users happy ”.

He also highlighted Google as part of the axis of evil:

“IBM was essentially Microsoft at its worst. They were not an innovation force, they were an evil force. They were like ATT or Microsoft or Google so ”.

In a meeting with Eric Schmidt, Jobs stated that he would not accept any money from the world and that Google should stop using his ideas on Android. Who remembers, Schmidt himself in an interview for the book:

"We spent half the time talking about personal matters, and half the time in his realization that Google had stolen Apple's user interface designs," recalls Schmidt. “I am not interested in solving it. I don't want your money. If you offer me $ 5 billion, I won't want that. I have a lot of money. I want you to stop using our ideas on Android, that's all I want ”.

The Apple executive had also announced a thermonuclear war against Google:

"I will spend until my last breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of the $ 40 billion that Apple has in the bank, to correct this mistake," said Jobs. “I will destroy Android, because a product is stolen. I am willing to wage a thermonuclear war on this ”. Jobs used a word to describe Android and Google Docs, the word processing program.