Steve Jobs and Bill Gates canceled musical faces $ 6 million lawsuit

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates canceled musical faces $ 6 million lawsuit

We already talked about the Broadway musical here Nerds, which would adopt a comic tone to illustrate the decades of rivalry between Steve Jobs and bill Gates. The idea, of course, was too good to be true and was canceled in 2016, a month before its debut, due to the departure of an investor. Now the project owner is in trouble.

Carl Levin, producer of the canceled musical, was recently sued by 13 project investors. The complainant parties ask $ 6 million from the producer, claiming that he lied about sponsors of the musical to attract more investment and generate attention for the piece.

According to investors, Levin would have lied, for example, that Microsoft itself would contribute a portion of the show's funding, which never really happened at that point, as the whole project was already owing more than $ 1 million to its investors. , which represented the beginning of the rune.

Investors also claim that the producer's actions would have "left a trail of disappointment, anger and unpaid financiers." Not least that “Nerds” was already popularly rated the “Fyre Broadway Festival” in reference to the megalomaniac Bahamian music festival that never happened, let a lot of investors (and participants!) Drift, and recently became the subject of a documentary. on Netflix.

The whole story is really pitiful, even because the musical promised: Levin, at the time, proposed an innovative experiment even for Broadway priests, in which viewers could interact live with the show through an app and realistic holograms would be part of the scenario.

Nerds were even staged before their failed Broadway hit, but on much smaller circuits in Philadelphia. That is, it is likely that the great musical about Jobs and Gates will never be known to the great public even more now that its producer is in bad shape.

via AppleInsider