Steve Dowling, Apple’s head of communications, leaves the company;  Phil Schiller will occupy temporary position

Steve Dowling, Apple’s head of communications, leaves the company; Phil Schiller will occupy temporary position

The wave of top executives leaving Apple continues. After Angela Ahrendts and Jony Ive, another name of Cupertino’s top dome – slightly lower in the hierarchy of the previous two, it is true – announced the departure of the company: it is about Steve Dowling, vice president of communications for Apple.

Dowling had been with Apple for 16 years, and spent the initial decade of his time at the company as head of corporate public relations. When then Vice President of Communications Katie Cotton retired in 2014, Dowling took over on an interim basis; a few months later, he was hired at the post and has remained there until now.

It is not known exactly what motivated the executive to leave: in a memo distributed internally and obtained by Recode, Dowling simply stated that “it was time” to leave the company, without mentioning possible future plans or new employers and saying only that he intends to rest for the next times.

The professional will remain at Apple until next month, helping to make the transition to the new boss, who, interim, will be occupied by Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing – yes, it’s another case of company executives taking on a mountain of responsibility under the same umbrella, but we hope the situation is temporary.

Read the full memo distributed by Dowling below:

After 16 years at Apple, countless keynotes, several launches and some public relations crises, I decided that this is the right time to leave our remarkable company. This is something that I have considered for some time, and it became a concrete idea during the most recent – and for me, last – release cycle. Our plans are made and the team is executing them brilliantly, as always. Then the time came.

Phil will manage the team on an interim basis starting today, and I will be available until the end of October to help with the transition. After that, I plan to take a nice long vacation before trying something new. At home, I have a patient and supportive wife in Petra, as well as two beautiful children blooming for the youth years. I’m excited to create more memories with the three while I can.

My loyalty to Apple and its people has no boundaries. Working with Tim and his team, achieving everything we have achieved together, has been the best part of my career. I want to thank you all for your hard work, patience and friendship. And I wish you every success.

I will always bleed in six colors.


Apple, in a separate statement, thanked Dowling for his services and noted some of the most significant moments of his career at the company, helping him to guide launches such as those of the iPhone, the App Store, the Apple Watch and the AirPods. Well, let him be happy on his new journey!

Austin Daboh

The week also had other occurrences of comings and goings in Cupertino. The arrival of the time is that of Austin Daboh, British music executive who spent the last few years in the Spotify and before that, he worked on BBC One radio in London. Your destination, of course, is Apple Music – more specifically, the chair of the editorial head of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Daboh’s rise in the world of streaming it was quick: he joined Spotify in 2016 as a senior editor and was promoted last year because of his “enviable relationships with influential artists, agents and record labels”. On the Swedish platform, he launched the successful playlist “Who We Be”, hip hop and R&B, in addition to coordinating the organization of other lists, such as “Hot Hits UK”.

At Apple Music, Daboh will be tasked with promoting rising British and Irish artists; he will work at the service’s London headquarters and be a subordinate to George Ergatoudis, head of the English branch of Apple Music – who is also a graduate of Spotify.

Danielle De Palma

Finally, the executive Danielle De Palma left Apple after a very short time at the company – it landed in Cupertino in April this year. The information is deadline.

Danielle DePalma, head of marketing for Apple TV +

A professional in the area of ​​film and series marketing, De Palma was involved in the Apple TV + communication part, but was recently hired by Paramount Pictures for the position of vice president of domestic marketing; with that, it will help develop the marketing strategy for new launches – more or less what it did at Apple.

With a resume that includes Apple and Lionsgate, you could say that De Palma has a very busy career – and his newest hire confirms that.

via 9to5Mac, Cult of Mac, Apple World Today