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SteamOS Beta Released by Valve with Enhancements

When the Valve decided to take another step in the fight for the gaming market, she decided not to rely so much on Microsoft's Windows, thus giving more emphasis on developing her own operating system to run the games published on her store through the app. Steam Client

With that, Valve made its own Linux, SteamOS, based on Debian 8 Jessie with some modifications made by it. The system was originally designed to equip older Steam Machines and can now be installed on any computer.

Many who saw the birth of SteamOS from time to time were thinking the project was stalled or even abandoned. Good thing they were wrong.

Following the launch of the Proton project, which made compatible games made for Windows on Linux, SteamOS has received minor fixes and improvements.

The current SteamOS Beta version, 2.190, which in addition to bringing the security and firmware fixes, in a total of 346 reported errors and of these 321 were fixed, as can be seen here. Also came the video driver updates from NVIDIA, Intel and AMD.

In the NVIDIA part, the driver delivered 415.27. J for Intel / AMD is delivering MESA Driver 18.3.4.

In the other part regarding updates, it was in relation to Steamplay with Proton. This Beta comes with Proton 4.2, with version 4.2-4, which includes the following updates:

– Fix game RAGE 2 launch failure (requires AMD-based Mesa dev);

– DXVK update to version 1.1.1;

– Improves Vulkan support for the new No Man's Sky build;

– Improves cones in some window managers.

– Fixes occasional Wine process stuck when updating Proton version.

– Fixes control detection for Yakuza Kiwami and Telltale games;

– Fixes terrain generation in Space Engineers;

– Run to the start of the game Flower.

There was also an update to FAudio 19.05, which is now using the X3DAudio / XAPOFX libraries for 64-bit games. Information coming directly from Ethan Lee's Twitter, Proton project dev. To see all the news on SteamOS and Proton, you can access their links here and here. If you want to try SteamOS, just access this link. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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