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Stay informed about what's happening on the International Space Station through an app

For those who like to follow the live events of NASA International Space Station missions, the ISS Live Now application is ideal for not missing anything. In addition to transmissions, in real time, filmed directly from the ISS, the app can follow its orbit through an available map and know where on Earth it is passing. Do you want to know the interior of the ISS? Then you can watch guided tours by the astronauts on board.

In addition, you can access a set of cameras installed both inside and outside the Space Station. If you are lucky you can even follow the work of the astronauts on board or dedicated interviews. The app includes NASA TV and NASA TV Media, with a variety of content and programs on space agency missions, as well as research reports and issues related to space.

The launch of rockets and satellites are also possible to follow and whenever it enters the application, a table informs what are the next live events. For example, on May 20, another JAXA rocket from Japan will be sent, followed on the 25th by its arrival at the destination. But the eyes will be set on the 27th, for the launching of the SpaceX Crew Dragon on board the Falcon 9, as it is the final manned test, which will start the NASA Commercial Program.

There are many things to discover in the app, which you can download for free on iOS and Android versions.