Apple Store, VillageMall is fined once again by Procon State

State Procon inspector approves Apple store at VillageMall [atualizado: vídeo]

Who ever tried to get care Genius at one of the two Brazilian Apple Retail Stores you know that it is not very simple / fast to achieve. Since the openings in both stores there is an overload of service and being able to schedule a very, very difficult time. Because it seems that a State Procon, who, according to us, visited the store to get support as a consumer, he was "putinho" with that.

As the blog told Good people (of Globe), the Apple store at VillageMall in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) was assessed yesterday due to the ‚Äúlack of on-site technical assistance‚ÄĚ. Fbio Domingos, director of inspection, stated that this offends the dignity of the consumer.

Apple defended itself by explaining that since always the appointments at the Genius Bar are by appointment only, scheduled on the internet. Although it is a difficult thing to do, it is a fact that every day a certain group of clients succeed because the professionals are always busy. At the MorumbiShopping store, in So Paulo (SP), the overhead is slightly lower because the staff composed of more people and the service itself, the reports in general are very positive.

The need for prior scheduling is not a problem, Apple works that way worldwide. Incidentally, even those who do not have prior assistance often manage to enter a face-to-face queue and be served on the same day (if they are available to wait). It is a fact that, if the Geniuses remain overloaded, Apple needs to increase its team and / or think of more stores to meet demand.

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Update · 11/04/2015 s 17:05

Domingos himself posted on his Facebook a video of the action:

We discussed this topic in our podcast # 155, which will air today.

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