State paid 15% of the costs of e-schools by the end of 2008

The 2008 Report and Accounts of the Foundation for Mobile Communications, for the year 2008, has already been published, which explains the accounts of the e-school program, managed by this private law entity that combines the participation of the State and mobile operators.

The accounts relating to the e-school and e-school laptops distribution program were the subject of great controversy at the end of the last parliamentary term, with the deputies of the Assembly of the Republic demanding on several occasions the clarification of the numbers and the State’s contribution to these. Software.

The document for the Foundation for Mobile Communications sets the framework for the creation of this entity on 11 September 2008, with the aim of managing the financial compensation defined when the UMTS network operating licenses were granted.

The foundations of the e-school program and the participation of mobile operators, also analyzing its impact in terms of the Information Society and the dissemination of the concept of mobility and the use of mobile broadband.

The evolutionary analysis of the deliveries of the computers and their distribution to the different beneficiaries are also aligned in this document, as shown in the images below.

graphic e-schools
graphic e-schools

In the published figures, it is mentioned that, until the end of 2008, the Government transferred to the Foundation 16.5 million euros, an amount that was increased to 36.5 million euros until the date of publication of the report. These data were already public and had been released in July this year by the supervisory ministry.

In general terms, the e-schools program assumed a total investment value of 446 million euros until the end of 2008, 15% of which was assumed by the Government, 49% of which was borne by the operators. The remaining 36% comes from the payment of the program’s beneficiaries, who paid up to 150 euros for the delivered computers and a maximum of 17.5 euros per month for Internet access, in the case of e-schools.

The Foundation’s source told TeK that there are still no figures regarding the program’s investment in 2009, but that the next Report & Accounts should be published in March next year.

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