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State-of-the-art iPads occupy the last positions among the most ‚Äúrepairable‚ÄĚ tablets on the market

Whenever a new Apple product is released, iFixit go there and take it apart. Here in the you checked most of these disassemblies (teardowns), including all versions of the iPad released to date (original iPad, iPad 2, third generation iPad, fourth generation iPad and iPad mini).

Obviously, this process is not limited to Apple gadgets and, like all this knowledge, iFixit tried to create a table listing the most well-known tablets on the market and ordering them by ‚Äúrepairability‚ÄĚ. If you have followed past disassemblies, it will not be very difficult to imagine the positions of the iPads in that list.

Below, the methodology used by them:

A device with a maximum score will be relatively inexpensive to repair, because it is easy to disassemble and has a service manual available. Points are given based on the difficulty of opening the device, the types of screws found inside, and the complexity involved in replacing the main components. Points are awarded for use of upgrade capacity, tools for non-proprietary maintenance and component modularity.

Here is the table:

IFixit ranking with the most repairable tablets

The most repairable tablet of all and that got a 9 score, as we can see above, was the Dell XPS 10. The only problem that nobody should know about it, only iFixit. The second place on the list was Amazon's Kindle Fire, which got a note 8 that is, yes, famous. Dell also took third place with Streak, which also received an 8 grade.

All of these tablets are easy to open, have normal screws (not special, like those used in iPads), in some cases have colored internal cables (which facilitates identification), among other positive factors in the opinion of iFixit. The downside of them is that LCD screens are welded to the glass (or the glass in the frame).

L in the middle of the table we have some names known as XOOM, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Kindle Fire, Nook Simple Touch, Nexus 7, original iPad, NOOK, Nexus 10 and Kindle Fire HD, all with grades between 8 and 5. A, after beyond that, we reach the ‚Äúbottom of the well‚ÄĚ!

Surface RT managed to stay ahead of the iPad 2, the third-generation iPad, the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad mini. However, the Pro version of the Microsoft tablet failed to overcome the poor repairability of Apple products and took the last position in the ranking. IFixit's complaints for these gadgets are practically the same: excessive use of adhesives, LCDs welded to the glass, danger of breaking the glass during disassembly, etc.

The look of Apple products is fantastic and in most cases this is only possible thanks to these construction / assembly techniques that, unfortunately, impair the repairability of the product. Unfortunately, if by any chance some part of your iPad or iPhone, iPod and even some Macs break, you will probably have to spend more to exchange a set of parts, since in many cases you will have to replace the defective health but also others around it that are possibly welded to it. That is, of course, when repair is not possible and you are obliged to buy a new product.

If it is already difficult for a service / repair company to do this kind of work on these devices, imagine for a common user! The recommendation here is the same as always: if your device breaks, do not try to repair it yourself. Take it to an authorized dealer, after all, "the cheap can be expensive".

(via MacRumors)