Startup lana Seaboard Block, keyboard that mimics sound from any instrument

A UK startup has created a keyboard composed of silicone keys that can mimic the sound of instruments. Called "Seaboard block", the gadget was launched by ROLI, a London-based company that makes platforms for professional musicians and producers. Some of the gadget's products have already been sold in Apple stores.

The keyboard allows your player to produce musical effects with bend, modulate tones and produce vibration effects, for example. The product has 5D Touch technology, Wi-Fi connection and can connect with other Seaboards Block.

Seaboard Block has four native music production programs for both amateur and professional users. Apps are free and can be purchased from the App Store and Google Play. Just connect the keyboard with the device that has the app to play.

Seaboard Block is available for purchase for $ 299.95. The brand is also selling 25-key units for $ 700 and 88 keys for $ 8,900.