Startup Flytrex promotes over 1,000 deliveries using drones

THE startup Flytrex used drones to promote over a thousand deliveries in the city of Reykjavik in Iceland, bringing a vision of what the future of the delivery. The aircraft were used to help Aha e-commerce company transport food such as sushi and sandwiches to its customers.


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Drones are almost an order of magnitude more efficient when it comes to on-demand deliveries for small items. They are much faster than a bicycle and consume much less energy than a car. In terms of economy and environment, drones offer many advantages for an entire package category. "Yariv Bash, Founder of Flytrex

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The company, which was founded by Yariv Bash and Amit Regev, expanded its operations to Costa Rica, where today it operates simultaneously with its activities in the European country. The next big challenge for the company will happen in Holly springs, city in the state of North Caroline.

L, they will work together with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and with the US Department of Transportation. The tests will be part of UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP), which works on authorizing deliveries using drones. While reviews in Holly Springs will be with delivery directly in the recipients' yards, other tests carried out in the North Dakota s were allowed to roll on a golf course.

At DJI, we work to build the most advanced and reliable platform for unmanned area operations. We are thrilled to see entrepreneurs and startups like Flytrex working closely with the FAA to explore new operations such as drone delivery. Proving the safety and economic benefit of these applications brings us closer to a world where small, unmanned aircraft can provide everything from a hamburger to essential medical supplies.Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs

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