Google Chrome is to blame for crashes and freezes on new MacBooks Air

Starting in July, Chrome users will only be able to install extensions through the Chrome Web Store

Citing security concerns, a year ago Google announced a major change in the Chrome which started only on the stable and beta channels of the browser on Windows: the impossibility for users to install extensions downloaded outside the Chrome Web Store.

According to Google, the change led to a 75% drop in support calls related to the uninstallation of unwanted extensions. Therefore, the company announced today that it will expand the restriction not only to the Mac world, but even to the Chrome developer channel.

As of July, therefore, Chrome users will only be able to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. This does help a lot in browser security, especially considering inexperienced users, but I believe that much of Google’s interest is in preventing extensions from violating its terms of use like those that download videos from YouTube.

, no wonder I'm writing this post from Firefox