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Start the new month "full" and update your smartphone with 6 free applications for Android and iOS

We are already in February and, with the entry into the new month, why not refresh the collection of applications you have on your smartphone or tablet? To help with the choice, the SAPO TEK team gathered some of the best news from the digital stores of Apple and Google.

This week you can count on an update to the Caixa Geral de Depsitos Caixadirecta application that allows you to perform banking services with the help of an intelligent assistant. You can also turn your smartphone into a surveillance camera with Alfred and even make phone calls with a Windows computer, through Your Phone from Microsoft.

But not everything: anyone who wants to contribute to the first big wave of memes in 2020 can do so through the Dolly Parton Challenge Meme Maker. Mobile game fans can travel to a paradise island and solve puzzles to advance their adventures on Lost Island. Street art enthusiasts will find Wander, a social network specially targeted at sharing urban art, in this week's suggestions.

Find out all the proposals in detail in the links below.

J can chat with a digital assistant from the Caixadireta app and ask to make a payment

It is called Caixa and, among the various services, it allows users to make payments and transfers through a conversation.

Caixa Geral de Depsitos (CGD) launched the Caixadirecta application in 2018 and now announces a new feature integrated in the app, developed in conjunction with the Portuguese startup AgentifAI. The Portuguese bank now makes available what it claims to be the first digital assistant in Portuguese banking and which allows it to carry out various services.

Called Caixa, the virtual assistant allows users to carry out banking transactions and consultations (account balances and movements), service payments and transfers through a "new conversational experience". For this, the app speaks to users in Portuguese from Portugal and carries out banking operations by the customer.

In a forthcoming update soon, Caixa will also be able to help users reactivate Caixadirecta accesses, perform various operations and understand the evolution of expenses, among other features.

With about 860 thousand users, the Caixadirecta application is free and available for Android and iOS.

After launching the Caixadirecta application in 2018, Caixa bet, at the end of 2019, on an application that aggregates all bank accounts on one platform, providing a financial "personal trainer". In order to help all Portuguese people get more out of their money, the DABOX app uses an analysis engine so that all movements of current accounts are classified in different categories of expenditure.

Share your favorite urban works of art with the world through Wander

With a simple design and an uncomplicated interface, the application created by a team of students from the University of Coimbra also allows you to discover new artistic city landscapes.

Wander is a social network specially aimed at sharing urban art. The application was created by Jos Braga, Diogo Antunes, Joo Borges, Jos Simes and Rodrigo Martins, students of the Informatics Engineering degree at the University of Coimbra, in a project for the chair of Management and Innovation Processes.

To start making your favorite urban artworks known to the world or even your most curious finds, you only need to create an account in the application, defining your username and password.

Once registered with Wander, you will be able to start photographing the urban artistic landscapes that you consider most interesting, or even your creations, and to publish them in the application, including their author and a description. For other enthusiasts to find it, the piece will be available on a map in the application.

For now, Wander is only available for Android devices, although the team that developed it is planning an iOS version, its creators revealed to P3. Urban art fans can start planning their city exploration adventures by downloading the free app from the Play Store.

The Dolly Parton challenge took over social media. And there's an app for that

In the last few days Instagram and Facebook have been inundated with the sharing of a composition of images known as the Dolly Parton Challenge.

Different images and positions depending on the network they are shared on – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – are not new to anyone who circulates between social networks, but in recent weeks this has been increasingly evident with the sharing of known photo compositions like the Dolly Parton challenge.

Celebrities, influencers and ordinary users have publicized the way they see themselves on these networks, or have played with it, in what appears to have become the first big wave of memes in 2020.

And, of course, there were applications to create compositions, although it is easy to use any image editor.

The Dolly Parton Challenge Meme Maker is one of the apps to surf the wave, and one of the best rated, serving this simple, and probably very transitory, purpose of helping to compose the four photos related to social networks, and without any special filter magic. or suggestions.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Alfred wants to be a kind of butler and help him take care of the house

Alfred is nothing more than a free application that turns smartphones into surveillance cameras that can then be monitored remotely via another smartphone or device via the Web.

The suggestion of the creators of this application that they also use phones that, meanwhile, have been replaced by more recent models, to monitor the entrance to the house or a specific room, to monitor the baby's nap or the pet's games.

It is also defended by the creators that the configuration is easy, and it will not take much more than three minutes. Basically being to configure one of the smartphones as a transmitter and the other as a spectator.

In addition to the 24/7 transmission, Alfred offers features such as intelligent intruder alert, when the camera detects any movement, unlimited cloud storage, night vision and 360 camera.

The Alfred Home Security Camera is free to use and is available for Android and iOS.

Lost Island is an adventure game full of puzzles for the Candy Crush fans

Players explore a paradise island, but they will have to solve puzzles to advance the adventure.

At first glance, Lost Island looks more like a puzzle game based on classic trays with colored pieces to fit and cancel, popularized by titles like Candy Crush or Puzzle Quest. But these mini-games are just a small part of the adventure, which puts the player on a paradise island to explore. The jungles and beaches are haunted by ancient spirits, which keep mysterious secrets.

Another component of the game is the construction of buildings, as well as beaches, gardens, jungles and other elements that players can characterize to their liking. Many of the sites were destroyed by monsters, such as the port, which was attacked by a gigantic octopus, and the protagonist ends up looking for the resources to rebuild it.

The island also allows exploration, as there are secrets and treasures to be found, in order to collect enough money to invest in more buildings. The protagonist is called Ellie, an archelogue who tries to find the oldest artifacts hidden on the island, which is accompanied by a nice seal.

You can download the game for free on iOS and Android versions.

Making phone calls on a Windows 10 computer is already possible in a Microsoft app

Microsoft has updated the pairing app between the computer and the smartphone, which it launched in 2018, and now also allows the user to send and receive messages, as well as notifications.

In 2018 Microsoft created an application that intended to be a digital bridge between the mobile phone and the Windows 10 computer, but initially it only allowed to manage photos and other files on the smartphone. Now, as promised, Android and iOS users of the O Seu Telemvel app can also count on messaging, calls and notifications features.

With the update of the app, receiving and sending messages on the computer is now possible and, regarding the functionality of the calls, it is necessary that Bluetooth is turned on on both devices. Then, you can dial the phone number, automatically transferring the call to the smartphone.

In addition to messages and calls, the user will have access to all notifications that also appear on the smartphone. From this panel you can, for example, reply to WhatsApp messages.

To be able to take advantage of the application's offers you have to download it both on your smartphone and on your computer, through the Microsoft Store, and authorize you to access your mobile phone. The free app is available for Android and iOS, and the computer must have version 17134.0 Windows 10 or higher.