Satélites Starlink ficam visíveis do Brasil e pessoas se assustam

Starlink satellites are visible from Brazil and people are scared

Some people were taken by surprise during this Sunday (10) on Mother's Day, lights appeared in the sky of Brazil in a strange movement, pointed out by many as an extraterrestrial visit. Despite this, those who follow the site here already knew that it was a set of satellites from the company Starlink, visible to the naked eye even in some periods. The space fleet is part of an Elon Musk project that promises to offer low-latency internet to the whole world, but not for free, despite guaranteeing that it will offer an affordable price.

Unlike meteor showers, which happen from time to time, satellites are here to stay and will be visible several times during the year. They follow a specific route that can be followed through a specific application called Find Starlink. The app has a browser version and gives you the coordinates of when and where the satellites will pass next, so you can know the exact moment when they will be visible from where you live. To find out, simply place your location in coordinates or select your state.

Despite this, the site also draws attention to some details, there is no way to predict with 100% certainty where the satellites pass, they can change their orbit at any time, requiring a new forecast. Their visibility also depends on how much they reflect sunlight, the angle, if they are in a position where they reflect a lot of light they are quite visible. The best viewing times are usually at dusk and sunrise.

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