Stanford University to distribute 1,000 Apple Watches for health studies

THE Stanford University School of Medicine launched, according to the MobiHealthNews, one Digital Health Center in order to help improve the digital tools that we have available and that will be created for the health area. The idea is to provide Silicon Valley companies with opportunities to develop, test and implement new tools in collaboration with the university.

Finding ways to predict seizures with Apple Watch

For the kick-off of the new project, they chose the Apple Watch as a focus. The Digital Health Center is offering 1,000 Ma watches and $ 10,000 in funding for the best proposal to use the Apple Watch in the medical context.

This subsidized program is designed to encourage and support creative uses of the Apple Watch to address important health issues. We are particularly interested in high-impact projects that positively influence the population selected for the study and / or the clinical workflow.

The initiative is very interesting and Apple must have loved it, after all, the company is betting high in the area with the ResearchKit (a software base for apps that help researchers collect reliable and relevant data) and the CareKit (a software base for apps that allow you to track and manage your medical conditions).

Tim Cook has already made it clear that health is an area of ​​great interest to the company, so it is good to keep our eyes open for news from this and other projects involving health and Apple products.

(via Culf of Mac)